PR needs your help in funding the station.

Our current costs are approx 40.00/month

We do not have a monthly income from regular sponsorship and we do get infrequent one-off payments, but these do not come close to the covering the costs.

We therefore appreciate all donations now matter how big or small and thank you for your support.

We know that many of you highly value this station, and we appeal to you to please help keep us going - preferably with a regular donation, but all payments, regular or one-off are very welcome and will help keep the station going.

Make a one-off Donation to PR

Make regular 5.00/month payments to PR

All payments will cover the main functions of the station:
- Website and e-mail Hosting
- Shoutcast Radio Server
- Auto-DJ Server
- & .com Domains

Thank you for your support

Note: All payments are made securely via PayPal

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